Unlike many support systems, AuctionSage Support is handled by me personally, the programmer. Again, unlike many support systems, I wish only to determine what the problem is so I can fix it. I do not desire to avoid the issue or pretend there is no problem, I desire to fix the problem if possible.

In order to determine what the problem is I need as much information as possible about the problem. Ideally, the idea is for me to be able to reproduce the problem so I can track down the cause. I realize this isn't always possible but please give me all the details about what you did and what happened. If the problem relates to a given item please provide the item number.

Before submitting a support request do the following:

  1. Make sure you are running the latest version of AuctionSage. Visit the Update Page. After updating see if the problem persists before contacting me.
  2. Read the News Page to make sure I haven't already fixed the problem you are reporting. I find this happens fairly often where I get emails on a topic clearly covered on the news page.
  3. Try updating API Vars in the General Preferences Screen (File - Setup - General Preferences. Again, see if this rectifies the problem before contacting me.

Contact me via email by Clicking Here