Coldfusionx writes: AuctionSage for so many years to manage my sales on eBay and now on Amazon. Plus, I use as my online postage sevice provider. The AS built-in module capable to integrate it with the Endicia's Dazzale shipping module and works like a champ. Plus, it 'talk' direct with eBay through API so you can get ebay sales info instantly from feedback to update tracking ,all can be done by a click or two.

AuctionSage only costs me $10 per PC and no limitation of how many account per PC. If you have say 3 eBay accounts, you can install the AS in 3 different folders and it can handle all and still paying $10/m. The good thing about the AS is that it show all info about the sales on eBay: on going auction, fixed price, bids, no big, sold, sold with pay, sold without pay, feedback.... you name it.

I haven't used ChannelAdvisor but I was scared out by it's high price. I think it cost $500/m. So forget it eventhough it may comes with more tools.

By the way, AuctionSage now support Amazon sales by reading sales report and it creates the Shipping Confirmation file which I upload to Amazon. In addition, you can use it to handle your websales as it's capable to do importing from .csv file or .txt files. Great tools!!

The most important is that the owner of Auctionsafge his name John is very helpful. If you have a question, he will get back to you in the same day in most case. Great support and it's even better than me

YesterdayGirls writes While I probably only utilize about 25-30% of its capabilities, this small percentage makes my business life so much easier than it was. I use it for posting and post-auction processing.With posting I can post auctions in increments of one second up to one hour with no up-charge from ebay. This feature alone covers my cost of AS. The bulk editing versatility of items in the queue for posting is outstanding. The post auction information obtainable through ebay's "a.p.i." provides an abundance of information at the click of a mouse, including bidder's names/id's/physical address/email address/phone number, etc. While I don't use most of the features of "AS", e.g. post auction invoicing/integrating with PayPal, this great program provides everything that i can think of to make the otherwise terrible interface with ebay work flawlessly. The PERSONAL support is the best. Usually emails are answered within an hour or so, depending on the time of day. With a 30 day "free trial" that is offered, one just can't go wrong. Make your interface with ebay so much easier by trying out AuctionSage
cookiebabe writes: I would be lost without John and AuctionSage. No more post-its, no more writing endless, time-consuming emails. No more sorting through Paypal for payments. No searching for customer addresses - his program inserts every tidbit of info I need and even works seamlessly with Endicia. What a time saver!

John has thought of every conceivable way to make ebay selling as efficient as possible. From writing up an auction, ftping photos, and timed insertions to emails for every need, bookkeeping and keeping track of the status of every auction, his program does MANY kind of reports, and even helps me see my sell through ration.I love that he's been able to harness importing seller addresses, id's and even customer phone numbers if ebay has it on file.

Updating an auction is fast and  very motivatonal because John has a ringing cash register sound whenever a bid is received, and a pounding auction hammer when one closes. How fun is that?! With its integration with Paypal, I don't need to wonder who has paid - I CAN SEE IT because AS pulls even that info in! And printing my postage with Endicia is done in one click! There are undoubtedly features I don't even know about in this program ...but the thing that keeps me from using other programs (and I've tried several, but have stopped a few years ago) is that John's customer supportis #1. That's important when an ebay-seller is having a small (or big)crisis. Gotta love the dedication of this guy to servicing his customers with thiskind of attention!

westfloridacomponents writes: I have used a few different auction management programs but none are as reliable as AuctionSage. I don't know how they do it but whenever eBay makes a change that affects AuctionSage all I have to do is click a button in eBay Refresh Preferences and it fixes itself! Amazing! I love the fact that it's installed on my computer and not web-based. I never have to worry about my connection speed. Thanks so much for this rock solid program!