Running AuctionSage on a Windows 7 or Newer Operating System

(Run as administrator)

Why do I need to run AuctionSage in adminstrator mode?

While AuctionSage will run seemingly normal without being in administrator mode it is not the best way to run AuctionSage. AuctionSage is very much a datafile intensive application which creates 1000s of files and sometimes you will want access to these files but the "virtual store folder" system hides your datafiles from you. When you run in administrator mode is avoids this virtual store folder problem. It only takes a few seconds to get it right. Here's how on a Win7 machine. Later Operating Systems should be similar

Close AuctionSage if it is running

Run Windows Explorer and browse to the AuctionSage folder (C:\Program Files(x86)\AuctionSage on Win 7 machines. C:\Program Files\AuctionSage on most other versions of Windows). Depending on the version of Vista you may have the Program Files (x86) folder. In any case, browse to the folder where auctionsage.exe is located

Select the auctionsage application file and right click and select properties

On the properties screen select the compatibility tab and check the box to run this program as administrator

Seen screenshot below

Click OK

Now AuctionSage will run on a Win 7 machine just fine. :)